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Sugar Rush: Cheesy Cake Concept Art by KiokuLovesCheesecake

Very nice OC design. For one thing she's absolutely adorable. Her colors are pleasing and definately scream CHEEZECAKE! And the additio...


        The door slammed closed cutting off all light and engulfing everything in an inky blackness.          “It’s as dark as the inside of a cow in here.”          Rover complained, still struggling and dragging his feet as he was practically carried forward.          “Y’all need to pay that power bill.”     

    Despite his fast talking, pleading, struggling and colorful insults he was completely ignored.  They had tranquelized him, arrested him and were dragging him to to who knows where.  The least they could do was acknowledge his existence.  Snooty.  Just plain snooty.

    But that didn't stop him from trying.

    "Now listen, this has got to be some kind of misunderstanding.  I mean, maybe you've gone and mixed me up with someone else, someone who deserves to be in this clink.  I do have one of them faces, you know the ones that always remind you of someone else?”   Okay, so maybe that one was kind of a long shot.  As far as he knew he was the only human in this part of space and no one with better eyesight than a rock would mistake him for a scaly Vasthii.  Each arm was gripped in an iron-like Vasthii hand and no matter how hard he tried to switch it into something useful; a stun pistol, a sonic wrench, he would have been happy with an eggbeater for Pete’s sake, it just hung there as useful as a piece of limp pasta in a lazerball game. 

     “You fellah’s just opened your borders.  Tossin’ your customers into the hoosegow ain’t no way to jump start extraplanitary commerce.  Y’all need a lesson in business sense.  I’d be tickled to give you some pointers if you’d get your sun-dried, slime-blooded hands offa me!”

    And they did.  He was shoved roughly forward, his feet met open air and he plunged downward into the dark.  He hit the ground with a painful ‘oof’ feeling as if his lungs were permanently flattened. He coughed and spit out a mouthful of that cockeyed dust.  Dry, gritty tongue.  Yuck!  Not his idea of sampling the local cuisine.  He pushed himself to his feet and dusted himself off.  Nothing broken but his left arm still wasn’t working.  It just hung there like a very dead mechanical fish.  Since there was no way to get to his flashlight attachment he was forced to play Blind Man’s bluff, groping around with his right hand.  In moments he realized he was in a pit with smooth squared sides cut from the same rough rock as the cells.  If he stretched his fingertips could just touch the rim.  With only one arm it’d be a bear to climb out of.  “What’s with the hole?  You raisin’ gophers?”  He shouted up to the three Vasthii he knew were above him somewhere in the dark. 

    A pair of glowing yellow eyes appeared above him.  “You have found yourself in the unfortunate position of being in my interrogation pit."  It was the female Vasthii, the one with the scar.  When he squinted he could make out her ridged form as she stood at the edge of the hole, a shadow just a tad darker than the surrounding dark. 

    Rover scrunched up his nose.  "Interrogation?  For what?"

    The thin outline of her tail swirled confidently behind her.  “You know perfectly well the information I desire.” 

    “’Fraid I ain’t telepathic.  Couldn’t read a mind in a paper bag.  One of the few setbacks of bein’ human.  You got to give me a better hint than that.”

    There was an exasperated hiss.  “What is your business here?”

    He laughed.  Why didn’t he see it before?  “Ah!  You want my inventory!”  This was just another bizarre trading ritual!  He leaned against the wall and gave a wink, wondering if she could see his cavalier pose in the dark.   “Let me tell you, I’ve got a cargo hold that’d rival the treasure planets of Glod.  You want liquid?  I’ve got tea, soda, brandy, wine and cider from three different sectors!  Or just about anything else you’re little heart, or hearts, might desire.  I’ve got fabric, cologne, tools, tech, plants…”


    “Weapons."  Rover began an absent nod then jerked his head up sharply. "Wait! No."  He held up his hand in denial.  "I’m an honest trader.  I don’t deal in weapons.” 

    “Oh, yes.  Of course.  The soul of innocence."  Her voice dripped of sarcasm before sharpening like a razor.  "Where are you keeping the weapons for your filthy Biotron army?”

    “You got dust in your ears.  I don’t deal in weapons.  Well, nothin’ lethal anyhow. I do have a fine selection of sonic cannons and bubblefield pistols.  Now them puppies are about the most fun you can have shootin’ somethin’.  Good for defense of just keepin’ your dog from wanderin’.  See you take aim at your opponent—or best pal…you got one of those?—probably not.  Doesn’t matter.  Squeeze the trigger and it encases them in this bubble of—“  He blinked as the entirety of her words finally penetrated his mind.  “Wait—my what now?”

    She stalked around the edge of the pit like a tiger taunting it's prey.  Rover couldn't quite remember what a tiger was but he was quite certain it behaved something like this.  “Clever bringing them in one at a time, disguising them as tourists and traders.  But not clever enough.  You think because you hide your mark you think you can hide your villainy.  But we are not the innocent fools we once were!” 

    'Mark'?  'Villiany'?  Ah.  She was challenging his honor as a businessman.  Although, he still wasn't quite sure what that whole 'army' bit was about.  Now that he thought about it the being tranquelized and confined had him a bit puzzled too.  But he had seen odder trading rituals.  "No ma'am.  I don't take you for a fool.  Not for a millisecond.  I can see you are one who takes negotiation powerful serious."  He patted the pit wall, the proof of exactly how serious she was taking it.

    "Like the others I can see you require additional persuation.  Immobilize him!"

    "I'm in a hole.  I ain't going any---"

    There was the sound of stone sliding against stone and suddenly the dark air churned with a swirling cloud of choking dust.  It was like driving behind a speeding truck on a dry, dirt road.  His eyes watered and his lungs couldn't decide if he wanted to sneeze or cough.  He settled for doing a large helping of both.  As he leaned against the side of the pit trying not to breathe he could feel streams of powdery earth cascading down into the pit and rising around his legs and pouring into his boots.  He tried to keep above it, stepping up as it rose but it was coming in too fast. 

    The cloud settled and Rover found himself buried up to his chin.  If his arm was working he'd whip out the trowel attachment and he'd be out of there before you could say 'sandcastle'.  But as it was he was completely immobilized, the heavy dirt pressing in on him from every angle and making it a bit of a challange to take a decent breath. 

    A faint glow flickered from somewhere, not enough to make him see much better, but just enough to glint off spines and bared teeth.  "Comfortable?"

    "I got dirt between my toes and in places a gentleman don't mention around ladies."

    "Perhaps now you will be more forthcoming with your confessions."

    Rover stared befuddled up at the sillouette that loomed over him.  There were many games in the world of trade.  There was the ‘I’m not interested’ game, the ‘it’s junk but I’ll take it off your hands for nothing' game, the ‘you must pass this test to be worthy of my business’ game.  There were many more, of course, and Rover loved all of them.  But this game of ‘confusing the snot out of the trader and getting dirt in his underpants’ was not one he was familiar with.  And he was beginning to wonder if it was a game at all.  "Um...not that this whole buried alive business ain't quaint but when exactly do we commence with the negotiations?"

    "You can leave off the star merchant theatrics.  We know you are part of the invasion."

    "I am a star merchant---what invasion?"

    "I am becoming wary of your feigned ignorance."

    "Hey!  My ignorance is perfectly authentic."

    "None of us are decieved by your Biotronic lies!"

    “Look, we clearly got off on the wrong foot."  He wanted to gesture,  to shrugged his innocence.   He could hardly speak without moving his hands and it drove him nuts that they we're pinned under layers of dirt.  "You seem to think I’m somebody I ain’t.  Why don’t we start over?  Howdy.  I’m Rover Finnigan, a perfectly harmless star merchant that just came here to sell you stuff but who at this moment just wants to get out of this crummy hole.  And who might you be?”

    She bent forward so her serpentine head hovered menecingly above his.  Her whisper was venemous.  "Someone you should fear."

    Rover tried to swallow with the dry dust in his throat.  His dark brows lowering defiantly, refusing to be intimidated.  She was probably all bluff. bullies usually were.  “I haven't the foggiest notion what you want but it clearly ain't a chat about Jarlin wine prices.  So why don’t you hand me my hat and I’ll be on my merry way.”

    “Do you know anything about Vasthii anatomy, Mr. Finngan?” 

    “No.  You didn’t send out an info flyer with your landing instructions.  Which, I might add, is pretty much standard procedure.  Course maybe you don't know about that, you bein' just openin' your boarders and all.”   Okay, so now he was just a tad concerned.  Not scared, of course.  He would never admit to that.  But if they didn't have him burried in this dark hole for a business test than what exactly did they want from him? 

    "We have a tall barb."  Her voice had turned to a silky purr which was quite a bit more disturbing than her venomous hiss.  "Perhaps you have noticed it?"

    She moved close to him and he could feel something brush against his ear.  He twitched and let out an involuntary chuckle.  "Cut that out.  It tickles!"

    "Does it now?"  She stalked behind him, her footsteps silent in the prevailing dust.  "I assure you it will not be so amusing when you experience it's bite.  If you would like to forego that pleasure I suggest that you begin telling me the truth." 

    Something smooth and sharp pressed threateningly against Rover's throat.  He swallowed with an audible 'gulp'. 

    "Do you understand?"

    "Listen."  He insisted a bit hoursely.   "I am telling, the truth.  I swear on Silver's Saddle.  Why don't you stick a mind-reader on me!"

    "We have not had a great deal of contact with aliens so unfortunately our technology hasn't advanced to their  cerebral decoding.  But this method has always been quite effective."

    "No mind readers?  Your kidding!  I got a used one on the Nellie-Bell.  Works most of the time.  Only fritzes when you think about pasta.  I'll let you have it.  No charge.  Think of it as a show of good will."

    There was a sharp sound like the crack of a whip and Rover felt a biting pain in the side of his neck.

    "Aahhhowww!"  It was like getting stung by seven foot bee that had fire nettles for breakfast.  "Great Galactic Gravy, woman!!  That hurts like Kazzooroid opera!"   His automatic reaction was to bring a hand up to the wound and wipe at the small drop of blood he could feel trickling down his neck into the dust that covered his shoulders.  But of course he couldn't.  "I'll bet you're just a hoot at parties."  Okay.  Now he was riled. 

    "The pain is the least of your worries."  A note of smug anticipation saturated the Vasthii's hard voice as she once again circled him, carefully gauging his reaction.

    And as second later he knew exactly what she meant.  Forget bees!  While the stinging did not subside a sensation far worse spread from the tiny puncture, crawling steadily up the side of his face and down across his shoulder and becoming more intend by the second.  His hand twitched as much as it could in it's dusty restraint automatically trying to claw at his face.  It was worse than the time he had caught the Dorian ring pox and Dr. Cloud had given each of the little welts it's own forcefield so he wouldn't scratch them raw.  He would happily stick his face in a industrial sander if there had been one handy.  He had one in his left arm but of course the dumb thing was infuriatingly out of order.

    "Now you will tell me exactly what I need to know."  The Vasthii interrogator said matter of factly, sounding very pleased with herself.  "How many of your abominable spies are on Vasth?"

    "I don't know what in the blue blazes you are yapping about!!"  Rover knew he should be taking another track.  Thinking of some way to outwit her, tell her what she wants, while figuring a way to escape.  But the itching was driving him out of his mind, distracting him.  He was helpless, unimaginably uncomfortable, confused and being called a liar, a combination that was making him downright mad.

    She shoved her face inches from his, her hot carnivorous breath assaulting his sinuses.  "How many!?"

    "I don't chew my cabbage twice!"

    She paced in circles around him, stalking, that whip-like stinging tail swirling dangerously behind her.

    "Look, Hissy.  You clearly ain't keen on me, and I can't say it's been a pleasure for me either.  If you think I'm some big bad who-knows-what why don't you hand me my hat and throw me out on my ear and I'll be out of your hair for good......if you had hair, that is.  I'll be off this planet before you can say--"

    She cut him off mid-sentance, sounding intrigued.  "This hat you keep speaking of.  It has importance."

    “It’s my hat and I like it.”  He shot back.

    "Is it a symbol of your rank?" 

    "Gaah!"  He shuddered and squirmed as much as he could, trying to shrug his shoulders and scratch those million fire ants on his face.  "Have an heart!  Scratch it for me!  You got claws!"  She could have clawed off the whole right side of his head and it would have been a relief.

    "You have all been conditioned well."  There seemed to be just a hint of admiration in her oily voice as she strutted in the darkness.  "And you play your parts with diligence.  The poet, the rebellious adolescent, the lawyer, the innocent child...the carefree trader.  Very diverse and very convincing.  But such disguises will never hide your true mongrel nature!"

    Rover had just managed to worm his right shoulder up enough to rub his cheek against it but stopped as he heard this.  "Lawyer?  Child?  the folks back in the pen?"  He glared in disbelief at the sinister shadow in front of him.  " don't mean to say you played this rotten game with that little Swileen gal?!"   He remembered now how they had all reacted so severely when the Vasthii had entered the cell block and how Peg had curled up shivering in the corner.  A burning rose up in his face that had nothing to do with the Vasthii sting.

    She made a small chufffing sound, that could have been amusement. 

    "It takes a special kind of ornery to pick on little girls!  If I was the type to hit women I'd knock you on that polecat-ugly, spiked back end of yours!" The starship captain spat, glaring defiantly into the darkness even though his eyes were tearing from from the searing itch and the trembling, trapped fury that was steadily growing.

    The Vasthii slithered around behind him and placed a taloned foot on his head while at the same moment she ducked her long neck down so she could hiss in his ear.  "Where is your home planet!?"

    "None of your business, shovel nose!"  He shot back, so furious now he could spit.

    The interrogator moved to the other side.  "This planet's security is my business.  Where is your home planet!?"

    "Go lick a forcefield!"

    She let out a sharp, powerful breath that groweled from deep in her throat.  "You will speak, verminous, slithering, parisite!"

    "I know you are but what am I!"

    There was a whizzing as a barbed tail whipped through the dark air.  "You will regret your insolence." 

Outlawed: part 6
Previous: Outlawed: part 5
First:  Outlawed: part 1

This trip its turning out to be a lot more trouble than Rover barganed for.

(Rover and all other Hi Ho Hyperdrive characters belong to me)

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Business as Usual by chill13
Business as Usual
When a encounter with alien technology freezes the Captain and brings a younger version of him to the present the crew is faced with two urgent problems; Unraveling the alien tech so they can both get their captain back and return the baby, and babysitting an infant Rover, which turns out to be the more challenging of the two.  After a shaky start Flyspur becomes pretty practiced at keeping a little Rover from getting into too much trouble while still getting his work done...........not too far off from business as usual. 

Here's a few other pics from this story-line:

Flyspur and Little Rover pics
T-that's Mine

(Rover and Flyspur belong to me)
>>>Please do not swear in comments<<<<


chill13's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Favourite genre of music: Oldies, Classical, old cowboy songs
Favourite style of art: Realistic, cartoon, Anime, abstract
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I wanted to share these pictures from some really fabulous artists who were nice enough to draw some of my 'Hi Ho Hyperdrive' characters.  Some are commissions and some are honest-to-goodness fanart (which I never in a million years thought would happen!!)  

This was the best way I could think of to say "Thanks guys!!"

Rover and Flyspur by :iconalexvanarsdale:
Rover by AlexVanArsdale
Hyperdrive Repair by AlexVanArsdale
Distracted Driving by AlexVanArsdale

Flyspur and her online persona by: JurLLu
I have a little crush on Flyspur. by JurLLu

Rover and Flyspur by :icondarwinsbiggestfan:
Request- Rover F. by DarwinsBiggestFan
Flyspur by DarwinsBiggestFan

And Flyspur by :iconjagna-q7:
Flyspur of Hi Ho, Hyperdrive by Jagna-Q7
Bigger on the inside, much? by Jagna-Q7

Trigger by:  :iconrebel-rider:
Meeting by Rebel-Rider
Howdy by Rebel-Rider

Rover by :iconpelycosaur24:
Rover Finnigan by Pelycosaur24

Rover meeting a Jehovah's Witness by :iconeymvee:
Galaxy-wide Organization by Eymvee

Rover, Ludge and artsyarts OC Jerry by :iconartsytarts:
What a surprise by artsytarts

A comissioned TLK version of Rover and Flyspur by :iconbelka-1100:
go go GO! by Belka-1100
Difficulties expectations by Belka-1100

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