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Sugar Rush: Cheesy Cake Concept Art by KiokuLovesCheesecake

Very nice OC design. For one thing she's absolutely adorable. Her colors are pleasing and definately scream CHEEZECAKE! And the additio...


Flyspur CGI by chill13
Flyspur CGI
My very first CGI sculpture!  Wooohooo!  *dance of joy*  I have wanted to do cgi work for so long but all the programs I've seen have such a massive learning curve that I couldnt even begin to figure them out.  UNTIL!!!!  I discovered Sculptris a free 3d software from the same company that  made Zbrush.  It is amazing and so easy.  You use different 'brushes' to pull and stretch a ball that works very much like clay.  I am having so much fun with this thing!
You can download it here:

I'm hoping sometime soon to do some 3d printed things with this program.  Not sure how to do that yet but I'm'a gonna learn.
No Swearing by John-AM
Gagged by chill13
Rover is in trouble........again.  Or maybe this is just part of the plan.  Either way he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.  His annoyance here will probably last two seconds before he realizes just how cool that gun is and tries to negotiate it off his captor.  Which, of course will be rather difficult to do when he can't move his mouth.  

I may properly color this in the future.

>>Rover Finnigan and this *turtle?* dude belong to me<<<

No Swearing by John-AM

Personal Journal

Gilligan and I were soon winding our way roughly southeastward, toward the interior of the island. He had been uncharacteristically quiet for the first ten minutes of our journey. But I was correct in assuming that would not continue to be the case.

"It wasn't all my fault, you know. The Skipper gives lousy directions. He says 'turn right here'. So I turn right, we run into the clothesline, the tar spills and everyone gets sore at me." There was a short pause and his voice softened. "…even Mary Ann."

Gilligan was not, I am positive, knowledgeable enough about female physiology to understand why the generally amiable young woman had been somewhat irritable the past couple of days and I certainly had no desire to explain it to him. His comment, however, did call for a response. "Perhaps the Skipper didn't mean 'right' the direction."


"Maybe when he said 'turn right here' he meant for you, not to turn right, but to turn at that particular location."

"What do you mean? He said that…" Gilligan's voice changed instantly from confusion to revelation. "Oooh."

A classic specimen of Arundina graminifolia arrested my attention and I quickly bent down to examine the delicate orchid. The next moment I found myself knocked unceremoniously to the ground, my face crushing the very flower I had been studying. "Gilligan!" My voice rose with frustration. "Will you watch what you're doing with that ladder!" I stood and brushed the soil from my clothes.

Gilligan shrugged apologetically. "Sorry, Professor. I didn't realize you'd stopped."

I had been directly in front of him. How could he have failed to notice? The disbelief at his ineptness brought a note of sarcasm to my reply. "Next time I will give you ample warning."

Gilligan shook his head with a good-natured smile. "Naw. Just tell me ahead of time."

After briskly straitening my bag I headed once again through the dense foliage.

"What are we looking for anyway?" Gilligan asked from behind.

"Aleurites moluccana." There are times when I forget to factor my companions' level of education. As a result my discourse often exceeds their level of comprehension. Their, and I daresay especially Gilligan's, interpretations of academic language never cease to be a source of amusement. I will admit, however, with some abashment, there are times when my use of higher vocabulary is deliberate. This was one of those times and Gilligan did not disappoint me.

"I think my aunt Sarah had that once. She was in bed for three weeks and used enough tissues to wallpaper her house…inside and out."

"Aleurites moluccana is the zoological classification for the candlenut tree."

"Who'd give a tree a dumb name like Al…er…Al…what you said? Why are we looking for it anyway?"

"It has a plethora of uses. One of which as caster oil from the nuts."


"The same oil can be burned in lamps, used in cooking and as a non-allergenic hair tonic. The bark is utilized in Japan to treat tumors."

"Sounds like a shmoo."

"A what?"

"A shmoo. You know from Li'l Abner. Don't you ever read the comics, Professor?"

"I never had the inclination."

"Well, anyway there this kind of animal, kind of looks like a bowling pin with legs and whiskers, that gives both milk and eggs and taste like pork, beef or chicken depending on how you cook them."

I refrained from commenting on the outrageously fanciful concept and chose to simply ignore it. "But my primary motive in locating the plant is to collect the leaves. I am hoping to create something that will alleviate those headaches Mr. Howell has been complaining about recently."

"Yeah, you don't want to be around him when he's got one of those. I was listening to the Mosquitoes the other day and he stormed out of his hut and said:" Gilligan has an amazing talent for mimicry and he managed to simulate Mr. Howell's inflections flawlessly. " 'Gilligan, turn that infernal racket off! I think those blasted hippies are trying to rattle the teeth out of my head. Worse than road construction!'" Gilligan's voice switched back to his own. "Really, Professor, I thought he was going to bust the radio."

I unequivocally side with Mr. Howell on Gilligan's musical preferences. The younger generation's affinity with the shrill tunelessness of rock and roll will always remain an enigma.

As we continued our trek I returned my concentration to the flora and fauna. The island is the picture of diversity and I managed to collect several insect and plant specimens previously unknown to me. Gilligan piped up with a question every time I stopped. Considering his inquisitiveness I have always found Gilligan's lack of basic education somewhat of a conundrum.

"Hey, it's Doreen!"

At Gilligan's unexpected announcement I turned just in time to see a crow-sized bird alight on his outstretched hand. The creature had a long curved beak and a fanning, v-shaped tail. Over all, the feathers were a shimmering black with the exception of the brown tail feathers with white tips and a brilliant splash of sun-yellow under the wings. I was stunned! Amazed at the apparition that Gilligan was now so casually chatting at.

"Hey, girl. Where have you been? I haven't seen you in awhile." With a gentle finger he stroked the bird's chest. It seemed completely unperturbed at the contact.

"Gilligan, do you know what that is?"

He gave me an odd look. "It's a bird. I named her Doreen after my aunt. She always carries this bright yellow purse under her arm and it kind of looks like this." He touched the yellow spot under the bird's wing.

"Gilligan, that's a Moho apicalis! No one has seen one since the early nineteenth century! George Munro declared it extinct in the 1890's." I know my mouth was gaping open in astonishment. I had studied much on the birds of the Hawaiian islands and this was one of the extinct species that had caught my interest.

"Maybe she's just been hiding. You want to pet her?"

"Do you think she would allow it?"


A giddy anticipation welled up inside me. The feeling evoked memories of my first steps into New York's Museum of Natural History. But this was not a stuffed specimen from a diorama. It was a living, breathing memorial of the past and its close proximity took my breath away. I reached gingerly forward. The bird pecked inquisitively at my hand but did not protest as I touched the smooth plumes. "Extraordinary!"

"Yeah, she is pretty."

"The native Hawaiians used this yellow plumage of these birds in their royal feather work. They created amazing capes and headdresses."

Gilligan frowned a little. "Is that what killed them off?"

"Doubtful. The royal bird-catcher guild used a sticky substance on the branches of the ohia tree to trap this bird. They would pluck a few of the yellow feathers and release it. It was a harmless procedure. Disease from non-indigenous species is suspected to be the culprit."

I was perplexed by the odd grin that appeared on Gilligan's face. "Did I say something amusing?"

He snickered a little. "I was just picturing a bunch of birds with bald patches all over." With a sharp cry the bird flew from Gilligan's hand and vanished into the jungle foliage. "I guess she didn't think it was very funny."

"Perhaps Mr. Howell will loan me his camera and I can take a picture of her. When we are rescued the world of ornithology will be thrilled to know there are still some in existence." I will always be amazed by Gilligan's connection with animals. In all my years I have never observed anyone so readily gain the trust of undomesticated creatures.

Dear Diary,

I couldn't believe how exited the Profesor got about Doreen. I didn't know he liked animals so much. I mean, I know that he knows practically everything about them. But thats not always the same.

The furthur we walked the deeper the thicker the jungle got. We were pretty near the middle of the island when the Profesor said we had to watch our step because of the quicksand. No prodlem there! Back home when I'd watch all those Tarzan pictures Dad alwayz told me that quicksand was just made up for the movies and it really didn't work that way. He was wrong. I'v seen how fast quicksand works and let me tell you, its real alright.

Well, I was watching my step real close like the Profesor said. And that was the prodlem. Do you ever find it hard to watch your feet and where your going at the same time? I didn't even see that low hanging branch. It caught me full in the forhead, knocked me off balance and I staggered backwards a few feet. Then suddenly I sank. It was like stepping into really thick grainy oatmeal. Before I even realised what happened I was knee deep in the stuff. I tried to step out of it but that only pulled me in deeper. "Professor!" I screamed as loud as I could, hoping that he hadn't gone too far ahead. "Help!"

He came running through the brush and skidded to a stop at the edge of the quicksand. "Gilligan! Good heavens! The ladder, Gilligan. Swing the ladder over to me."

"What ladder?" I was so scared it felt like someone was trying to strangle me and I know my voice squeaked like a little kittens.

"The one your holding!"

"What? Oh." I finally remembered that I had the bamboo ladder slung over my shoulder. I did like he said and swung the ladder over to him. He put his end on the ground, got to his knees and sat on it so the other end was sticking out toward me.

"It's secure on this end. Climb out."

And I did. As fast as I could! He grabbed my hand as I reached him and hauled me out the rest of the way. For a minute we both sat there panting like a dog on a really hot day.

Then the Profesor turned to me, he look really sore. "I told you to watch where you were going!" Then he let out this long sigh. I knew exactly what it meant. He was starting to think it wasn't such a good idea to bring me along.

Personal Journal

At that point I was beginning to seriously reevaluate my decision to have Gilligan accompany me. He is a very amiable and well-meaning young man but his unparalleled ability to get into trouble can wreck havoc on ones nerves. Mine were already beginning to fray. I had specifically warned him to be cautious and watch his step. If he had heeded that advice he wouldn't have put his own life at stake. Was it carelessness, lack of concentration, apathy? I was uncertain. But I was frustrated. How could I concentrate on my work if I had to watch him every moment?

None So Blind 2: Birds and Quicksand
First chapter: None So Blind 1: Diaries

Here's chapter 2!  The Professor's starting to get annoyed.  
I actually have an illustration for this one.
Moho Apicalis by chill13

No Swearing by John-AM
9th Plague by chill13
9th Plague
I've been wanting to do some Bible comics for forever!  I just love the voice of this little girl in the Exodus sound drama.
The 9th plague on Egypt was darkness.  Darkness that fell only on Egypt but did not touch Goshen, where the Isrealites lived.  

No Swearing by John-AM


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I just had to share this fantastic pic of Flyspur by :icon cobean:   Love the expression on his face.  He looks kind of annoyed.  And his bushy tail is so great!

Flyspur by Cobean

From now on I will put up a journal entry for any pieces of Hi Ho Hyperdrive fan art.  I appriciate them SO much and giving the artist the recognition I can is the best way I know how to show it.  :)


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