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Sugar Rush: Cheesy Cake Concept Art by KiokuLovesCheesecake

Very nice OC design. For one thing she's absolutely adorable. Her colors are pleasing and definately scream CHEEZECAKE! And the additio...


Nightmare by chill13
Outside stars sprinkled the sky like salt crystals on a black velvet cloth.  Inside, glow strips edged the floors of the corridors, giving just enough light to see where one was going, conserving energy in the artificial night.  In their quarters the occupants of the little starship were all sound asleep.  In the room adjacent to the small medical ward the doctor had his head resting under his feathered arm and made little peeping sounds.  The cook was sprawled on her back in a nest of pillows letting out a grating snore that could rival the sound of colliding planets.  The two pilots were curled up together, their long tails wrapped around each other in a warm ball.  The Engineer lay contently bubbling in a puddle of his on ooze and the first mate slept soundly in shallow tank of warm water.  All was peaceful except the captain's cabin.

Rover rolled over again, mumbling unintelligably in his sleep and becoming even more tangled in his blankets.  His face was slack and tranquil for the moment, the two fingers on his right hand twitching slightly as if writing.  But it was only moments before something changed and his eyebrows lowered into a frown.  His breath quickened, his hand closed tightly, lips trembling in in silent conversation.  Red curls began to stick to the beads of sweat that formed on his forehead as his head moved vaugly from side to side, his face pinching in distress.  He took in a massive gasp.  His eyes shot opened and he bolted up in bed.  


Rovers chest heaved and his heart thudded in his ears as he stared wide-eyed at the far wall, all the pictures and sounds racing through his head a moment ago vanishing in an instant, leaving his mind blank.  All that remained was a cold terror and a sense of sickening loss that made him want to throw up.

With a trembling hand he grabbed his old battered cowboy hat from the bedpost and set it firmly on his head.   That calmed him some.  He took a deep shaky breath, trying to steady himself.  Just a dream...just a dream.  Just a dream that had scared the living daylights out of him him for as long as he could remember.  What was even worse was he didn't even know what it was that woke him up screaming.  

He threw the covers off of him in frustration.  Without changing out of his striped pajamas he padded out of his cabin.  

Minutes later....



tap tap tap.

The sound resounded through the water of Flyspur's sleep tank.

"Blue, wake up.  Your about as fun as kelp."

Flyspur groaned groggily as he sat up, rising some out of the warm, bubbling water.   Rovers's eager grin was just inches from his face.  "What?"

"We've never been inside a black hole before!  Come on.  Let's go find one."

Flyspur blinked, trying to bring his sleepy mind into focus.  "In your pajamas?"

"Yep.  Black holes are tricky broncos.  You got to lull 'em into a false sense of security so you can sneak up on 'em."   With that he disappeared out the door, no doubt heading for the cockpit.

Fluspur sighed, slipped out of his watery bed and reluctantly followed.  His friend had had another bad night.


(Rover and Flyspur belong to me)

>>Please do not swear in comments<<<
Fountain of Youth by chill13
Fountain of Youth
Found this old sketch today and decided to color it.  Yay!  More Gilligan's Island stuff.  Haven't drawn these guys in FOREVER and I love them so much.

So this was originally going to be a cover for a fanfiction story with a plot that goes something like this:

While fishing Gilligan pulls a box out of the lagoon (big surprise there).  It's filled with little containers of 'Fountain of Youth' moisturizing lotion.  He first takes it to the Skipper who is certainly not impressed.  The Professor, however is a bit more interested as he realizes this is a trial box that was supposed to be sent to a lab for testing.  Ginger and Mary Ann are excited about Gilligan's find because they are always getting dry hands from doing the dishes and use a good amount of the stuff.  The Howells, not ones to be the last to have any kind of luxury item, buy some for that "delicate Howell skin".  Gilligan tries to help the Professor with one of his experements and ends up getting both of them burned and the Professor suggests using some of the new lotion to help.  

All is well....until the next morning.  
Gilligan's a bit shorter and his voice starts cracking, the Howell's look and feel noticably younger, Ginger doesn't quite *ahem* fit her dresses, the Professor develops a case of acne and Mary Ann keeps getting a strange urge to suck her thumb.
The Professor soon realizes that the lotion they used doesn't only make their skin younger but it actually reverses the aging process, and while that may seem like a great thing it's not.  The effect is progressive and even though he's growing younger himself, if he can't find a way to make it stop, they'll all be babies by the end of the week...and eventually will disappear altogeather.  

While the Professor struggles with that delema the Skipper has problems all his own.  Being the only one who didn't use the lotion he finds himself the only adult among six uncontrollable youngsters.  The Howells have become spoiled preteens constantly picking on each other, a twitterpated Ginger won't leave the Professor alone with his all-important work, Mary Ann keeps trying to play with the cooking utensles and a four-year old Gilligan is getting into more trouble than ever.  

Can the Professor find a cure before he grows too young to think?  And can the Skipper keep his sanity babysitting the six other castaways?

This is one story I really wanted to write.  Maybe I'll get back around to it one of these days.

>>>Please do not swear in comments<<< 


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I wanted to share these pictures from some really fabulous artists who were nice enough to draw some of my 'Hi Ho Hyperdrive' characters.  Some are commissions and some are honest-to-goodness fanart (which I never in a million years thought would happen!!)  

This was the best way I could think of to say "Thanks guys!!"

Rover and Flyspur by :iconalexvanarsdale:
Rover by AlexVanArsdale
Hyperdrive Repair by AlexVanArsdale
Distracted Driving by AlexVanArsdale

Flyspur and her online persona by: JurLLu
I have a little crush on Flyspur. by JurLLu

Rover and Flyspur by :icondarwinsbiggestfan:
Request- Rover F. by DarwinsBiggestFan
Flyspur by DarwinsBiggestFan

And Flyspur by :iconjagna-q7:
Flyspur of Hi Ho, Hyperdrive by Jagna-Q7

Trigger by:  :iconrebel-rider:
Meeting by Rebel-Rider

Rover by :iconpelycosaur24:
Rover Finnigan by Pelycosaur24

Rover meeting a Jehovah's Witness by :iconeymvee:
Galaxy-wide Organization by Eymvee

Rover, Ludge and artsyarts OC Jerry by :iconartsytarts:
What a surprise by artsytarts

A comissioned TLK version of Rover and Flyspur by :iconbelka-1100:
go go GO! by Belka-1100
Difficulties expectations by Belka-1100

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